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剑6Test1口语Part3范文-Family similar、genetic research

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摘要:剑6Test1口语Part3范文-Family similar、genetic research

剑桥雅思6Test1口语Part3范文-Family similar

In what ways can people in a family be similar to each other?

答案1:The obvious way is through how they look. People tend to look like their mothers and fathers. People often say things like: Oh, he has your eyes! They even say this when looking at babies, who, to be honest, all look very similar if you ask me! However, I have noticed that kids today are often tall, even when their parents are not. I think that this might be down to a better diet.

答案2:Very often their personalities are similar. I’ ve met the parents of some of my classmates and it’ s interesting that my quieter classmates tend to have quiet parents, whilst my more outgoing classmates have more extrovert parents. It’ s not true in every case, but certainly in most of them.


Do you think that daughters are always more similar to mothers than to male relatives? What about sons and fathers?

答案1:Yes, I think so, particularly in the way they look. Maybe it’ s not always true, but generally I think it is. I think that it’ s also true with personality. I think that maybe daughters look to their mothers more for inspiration and that boys look more to their fathers.

答案2:Many of my friends think this, but I’ m not convinced. Again, if I think about my classmates, most of them seem to share some characteristics with their mothers and with their fathers. I think that children are influenced by all members of their families, male and female, so they end up being a mixture of all these influences.


In terms of personality, are people more influenced by their family or by their friends? In what ways?

答案1:I think that the influence of friends may be stronger. People spend a lot of time with their friends, so the influence on personality is bound to be strong. Friends also tend to be of the same generation and therefore enjoy doing the same kinds of things. Young people are also heavily influenced by what is considered by their friends to be cool and fashionable. Many young people consider their parents and grandparents to be old- fashioned and so ignore them and their opinions.

答案2:I think that people are more influenced by their families. This is because people tend to spend more time with their families than with their friends. I think that families have a particularly strong influence on behaviour and morals, but that friends probably have more influence on things like hobbies and clothes.


Where can people in your country get information about genetic research?

答案1:There is a lot of information about genetic research in library books and on the Internet. The library books are not always up- to- date, but university libraries often have the latest ones. The Internet is a great source of information about any subject. I mean, you just need to type in the subject and you can search for it at the push of a button.

答案2:A lot of people get information about genetic research from newspapers and magazines. Newspapers don’ t carry much detailed information, but if you just want to get an overview of what is happening in this field, they are useful. Magazines — scientific ones — provide more in- depth coverage of what is happening and what breakthroughs have been made. The developments are presented in simpler terms, so you don’ t have to be an expert to understand them.


How do people in your country feel about genetic research?

答案1: I think that most people are wary of it. They don’ t quite understand where it is all leading and are therefore suspicious. I can understand that. People wonder whether modifying DNA is a good idea, it sounds a lot like trying to be God to many people. Other people are worried about how all this genetic information will be used.

答案2: I think that most people are amazed by the discoveries that have been made in this field. They hope that it will lead to more great scientific breakthroughs that will help humanity. For sure, some people are more cautious. This may a good thing, because we need to be careful how we use the new science we discover.


Should this research be funded by governments or private companies? Why?

答案1:I think that it should be funded by the government, because then it can be tightly controlled and there is less chance of it being misused. Governments are also more likely to fund research into areas that will benefit most people rather than companies which are generally more concerned with using genetics for profit.

答案2:I think that it should be funded by both. Companies will inevitably focus more on profitable aspects of this research, whilst governments are more likely to look at ways it can improve society. In this way, genetic research will take a wider variety of forms, hopefully leading to a wider range of discoveries and uses.


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