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剑桥雅思13Test2雅思阅读passage 3真题+解析

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摘要:剑桥雅思13Test2雅思阅读passage 3真题+解析

剑桥雅思13Test2雅思阅读passage 3真题+解析


体裁 说明文
主要内容 本文讲述了紧跟潮流背后的商业策略。
结构 第1段:很多经理人并没有意识到紧跟潮流的重要意义。


Questions 27-31

Choose the correct letter,A, B, C or D.

Write the correct letter in boxes 27-31 on your answer sheet.

27 In the first paragraph, the writer says that most managers

A fail to spot the key consumer trends of the moment,

B make the mistake of focusing only on the principal consumer trends,

C misinterpret market research data relating to current consumer trends,

D are unaware of the significant impact that trends have on consumers’lives.

28 According to the third paragraph, Coach was anxious to

A follow what some of its competitors were doing.

B maintain its prices throughout its range.

C safeguard its reputation as a manufacturer of luxury goods.

D modify the entire look of its brand to suit the economic climate.

29 What point is made about Tesco’s Greener Living programme?

A It did not require Tesco to modify its core business activities.

B It succeeded in attracting a more eco-conscious clientele.

C Its main aim was to raise consumers' awareness of environmental issues.

D It was not the first time that Tesco had implemented such an initiative.

30 What does the writer suggest about N ike's strategy?

A It was an extremely risky strategy at the time.

B It was a strategy that only a major company could afford to follow.

C It was the type of strategy that would not have been possible in the past.

D It was the kind of strategy which might appear to have few obvious benefits.

31 What was original about the ME2?

A It contained technology that had been developed for the sports industry.

B It appealed to young people who were keen to improve their physical fitness.

C It took advantage of a current trend for video games with colourful 3D graphics.

D It was a handheld game that addressed people’s concerns about unhealthy lifestyles.

考题解析 Questions 27-31

●题目归类:Multiple Choice



剑桥雅思13Test2雅思阅读passage 3真题+解析

剑桥雅思13Test2雅思阅读passage 3真题+解析

剑桥雅思13Test2雅思阅读passage 3真题+解析


Questions 32-37

Look at the following statements (Questions 32-37) and the list of companies below.

Match each statement with the correct company, A, B, C or D.

Write the correct letter, A, B, C or D, in boxes 32-37 on your answer sheet.

NB You may use any letter more than once.

32 It turned the notion that its products could have harmful effects to its own advantage.

33 It extended its offering by collaborating with another manufacturer.

34 It implemented an incentive scheme to demonstrate its corporate social responsibility.

35 It discovered that customers had a positive attitude towards dealing with difficult circumstances.

36 It responded to a growing lifestyle trend in an unrelated product sector.

37 It successfully avoided having to charge its customers less for its core products.

List of companies

A Coach

B Tesco

C Nike

D iToys

考题解析 Questions 32-37




剑桥雅思13Test2雅思阅读passage 3真题+解析


剑桥雅思13Test2雅思阅读passage 3真题+解析



Questions 38-40

Complete each sentence with the correct ending, A, B, C or D below.

Write the correct letter, A, B, C or D, in boxes 38-40 on your answer sheet.

38 If there are any trend-related changes impacting on your category, you should

39 If a current trend highlights a negative aspect of your category, you should

40 If the consumers’ new focus has an increasing lack of connection with your offering, you should

A employ a combination of strategies to maintain your consumer base.

B identify the most appropriate innovation strategy to use.

C emphasise your brand's traditional values with the counteract-andaffirm strategy.

D use the combine-and-transcend strategy to integrate the two worlds.

考题解析 Questions 38-40




剑桥雅思13Test2雅思阅读passage 3真题+解析















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