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1. Why do some people find the internet addictive?


It might sound a bit harsh, bit I just think that people like that are weak- willed and weak-minded. Anyone with an ounce of willpower would be able to find other ings to do and other ways to spend their time, with their boyfriend perhaps.


Wel, I think there are two reasons. The first thing, also the biggest reasor, is that people cant control themselves if they go too far from Internet; they basically spend their life on it. Secondly, the development of Internet is so fast that people can do everything on it: they can play games, watch movies or read fictions. and so on.


2. What would the world be like without the internet?


Actually, i think it would be a much better place. Family units would be tighter because they would spend more time together. Children would be smarter and more disciplined for exactly the same reason and although Irealise thet international communication would be severely limited, it would mean the terrorists wouldn't be able to communicate efficiently either.


To be honest, I baven' t thought about this kind of thing, but if you push me, I would like to say that would be a hugely terrible thing. We'd go back to the dark ages; we wouldn t be able to search for information send files and tind fun online. We also would be able to talk and share our opinions with people around the world. It would be a real shame, and I'd lose many of my international friend.


3. Do you think that the way people use the internet may change in the future?


I don't think so, no.Don't forger that the internet is not the same thing as the web. The structure of it, and particularly the backbone, will not change signiticantly other than maybe getting faster and maybe a bit bigger


absolutely yes! The way has to be changed. People now use the Internet by smart- phone or computer now, and they must to connect via wifi or mobile data. These days it is relatively easy to use but in the future, it would be even more convenient, such as planting the mobile data into the skin or brain, and after maybe 50 years, the air touch screen will have appeared Those kinds of thing are amazing, so I am looking forward to seeing the development of the Internet.


4. What are the ways that social media can be used for positive purposes?


Oh, there' s loads! i think that like the name suggests it can be used to connect people in different places, and even in different countries. My friend and I took a trip around the world last year and kept our families up-to-date with our movements and what we were doing through WeiBo. It was much easier than calling them each day and all of our friends could see us too


I think that one of the main ways that it can be used for good is the ability to connect with like-minded people, which can then potentially offer support in times of strife and a sense of belonging to those that feel lonely. Another thing is to be able to disseminate useful information, such as for a university course. My tutor quite often sends messages or files to us through WeChat and WeiBo.


5. Why do some individuals post highly negative comments about other people on social media?


I think for some they just want to cause international chaos and they find some kind of enjoyment from this. another reason may be that they have some kind of psychological disorder, either that or just being sick and twisted.


I think, if I am being polite, that they are just attention seeking. They crave and need other people to know who they are and think that trolling people is clever.


6. Do you think that companies'main form of advertising will be via social media in the future?


I would say no. Although companies will no doubt use things like WeChat and WeiBo in order to promote themselves, it will not be the principal way they do it. There are still far more televisions and radios out there than computers, which makes it more sensible to continue with these mediums. Perhaps in the far future this may change, but certainly not in my lifetime.


Absolutely,,yes. We all know that Apps like FaceBook, Twitter, WeChat have just exploded over the last few years. Newspapers are basically dead, along with most other print media. Social networking is definitely where it's at, and in my opinion companies would be stupid not to use it to its full potential.






















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