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摘要:上海 新航道 雅思培训班小编为大家整理了新航道2021年5月8日雅思考试机经完整版 ,每次考试后 新航道 托福小编会在1-2天内更新雅思机经回忆。



2021/5/8 Saturday


5月8日 的雅思考试回忆来啦!








一位女生和一 位男生找兼职的对话


6. Ifyou want to find a job, first you can be recommended by a friend or read ads

7. Buy a paper in local shop

8. Visit an agency

Remember to bring for interview:

Student card

9. Can find your tutor as a person for referee

10. Need to fill in a feedback form







A Learn about food from different places

B Write in ancient languages

C Create books

D Voyage with the Greeks

E Rebuild an ancient structure

F Rebuilt a cooking pot

11. Early Communication B

12. Go with the Medieval C

13. Egyptomania

14. Archaeology 101 F


15. Most activities happen in A

16. The best place to drop off the childrenis B

17. The free flms are A

18. Children over 12 can C

19. A full refund can be made when B

20. the membership can






21. Mozart experiment led to

C. reassessment of music in education

22. finding with elephant experiment

B. it is not clear why elephants responded to music

23. no to use the elephant in their talk because

A. it is too old

24. what kind of music affect the monkey most in lab

B. Human music mixed with monkey calls

25. what impressed them most about Taylor

B. Hard work and determination

26. Make musical instrument

E hard to control

27. Do music survey

C similar to other lessons

28. Music word games

G too boring

29. Music and painting

B it takes long time for preparation

30. Music quiz

D not enough question






31 itl.s made from wool

Tiwi Design

32. Brown is good at natural bird images

33. in the symbol of rain

Bima Wear

34. based on symbols, structures, family and nature

Jimmy Pike

35. He started design in prison

| .. in Fremantel Prison where he attended art classes taught by Steve Culley, a founder, with

David Wrothm..

36. Design can be used in clothing

37. Jimmy's inspiration comes from Australia, especially the desert

Bronwyn Bancroft

38. Jeans is famous because of lizards and a snake

39. Fabric's background looks like a rainbow Fabric

40. E.g. "the couple case"


Part 1

People & Animal

Wild life


Extreme sports



Watch stars

Environmental Protection


Objects & Things

Wallet and purse






Part 2&3

People & Animal

Describe an old person you admire崇拜的老人

Describe your favorite singer or actor喜欢的歌手或演员


Describe an argument with your friend与朋友的争吵

Describe a time when you helped a friend帮助朋友的经历

Describe a time when you lost your way迷路

Describe an occasion when many people were smiling微笑

Describe an occasion when you were not alwed to use your mobile phone不允许用手机的场合

Describe an experience you went to a street market街市的经历

Describe a time when you encouraged someone to do something that he or she did not want to do鼓励他人突破自己


Describe an actvity on the sea水上运动

Describe a piece of equipment that is the most important one in your family家中重要的设备

Describe a natural talent (ike sports, music and so on) you want to improve提高的天赋

Describe a puzle(ike a jigsaw or a cross word) you have solved谜语


Describe a town or a city where you would like to live in the future想居住的城镇

Describe a tll building in your city you like or dislike高楼


Describe your favorite movie喜欢的电影

Describe a piece of local news that people are interested in本地新闻

Describe a law on environmental protection环保

Describe a time when you found out something interesting on the social media在社交媒体的趣事


Passage 1


Multiple intelligences


1. True

2. True

3. False

4. Not Given



Passage 2


Surviving the winter: Hibernation and other resting states

A. Many animals become inactive for periods of varying duration during the winter and.there is a diversity of terms used to describe this state, including: sleep, torpor,dormancy, lethargy and hibernation. The word hiberation is often used loosely to refero general inactivity but, in biology, it refers to a specific phenomenon, sometimes called true hibernation'. Hibemation is defined as the condition of passing the winter in a resting state of deep sleep, during which metabolic rate and body temperature drop considerably. It occurs only in certain mammals and one bird specles, the porwill, a North American relative of the nigtjiar.

B The phenomenon of hibernatin is one reason why the term homeothermy is going out of fashion, to be replaced by endothermy, because maintaining a stable body temperature is the very oposite of what hibermators do. Instead, body temperature flls, from around 38C, to about 19C above the extemal temperature, which is often close to 0C. At the same time, a hibermator's metabolie rate flls to as Itte as 1% of its normal value. The heartbeat becomes slow and iregular and breathing rate also slows.

C Hibernation is an active process, that ls, it is a state which animals enter into, not in response to immediate extermal conditions, but to internal stimull. Some species are remarkably precise and predictable. For example, the arctic ground squirel enters hibermation between 5 and 12 October. A feature of hibernation that distinguishes from other kinds of winter inactivity is that hibernators can arouse themselves spontaneously and are not dependent on external conditions, such as warm temperatures, to do s0. Brown and black bears, for example, are lethargic during very cold periods but are otherwise active in the winter. The arctic ground squirel emerges without fail between 20 and 22 April, regardless of the weather on those dates.

D True hibernation only occurs in relatively small mammals, though not all small mammals living in temperate habitats hibermate in winter, as we have seen. The largest mammal to hibernate is the marmot, which weighs about 5 kg. There are several reasons why larger mammals do not hibernate. Firstly, they would warm up too slowly and therefore use too much energy. Secondly, they have a smaller surface area to volume ratio and so can conserve body heat better than smaller species. Finally, they are better able to carry a thick coat and sufclent adipose tssue to last through the winter. Hibernators are mainly found in the orders Rodentia, Chiroptera and Insectivora. The hedgehog is an example of a hibemating insectivore.

E The physiological features that are characteristic of hibernation are not maintained throughout the winter. Rather, the animal wakes up at inervals, its temperature and metabolic rate increasing to near-normal levels. The function of this periodic arousal is not wholly clear. Some species, such as the chipmunks eat from stored food reserves during arousal perlods, but many others do not. Most specles urinate and defecate, mowe about and change their position, suggesting that arousal provides an opportunity for various essential physiological processes to be performed and to prevent the animal becoming moribund. From detailed measurements of Richardson's ground squirrel in the laboratory, it has been calculated that, during the rlaltively brief periods of arousal, an indvidual expends 83% of all the energy that it uses up during the entire hibernation period,

F Hibernation requires internal energy reserves in the form of adipose tissue and hibernators typically feed intensively prior to winter, building up their fat stores. Some species, such as the edible dormouse, switch to a carbohydrate-and lid-rich diet, eg.seeds, at this time. A characteristic of hibernating mammals is that they possess larger quanitities of a particular kind of adipose tssue called brown adipose tssue. Brown adipose tissue deposits are found around some internal organs and between the shoulder-blades of hibermators and their function is to generate body heat very rapidly,especally during periods of arousal.

G Hibemation might seem to be a safe, and rather agreeable way to spend the winter but, for some species, it is fraught with danger. For Belding's ground squrrels lving at high altitude in Tioga Pass, Callfornla, hibermation lasts 7-8 months. Two-thirds of all juveniles, hibernating for the frst time, and one-third of adult animals die during hibernation. Some die because their fat reserves run out before the end of hibematin; others are dug up and eaten by predators.

H Some mammals spend the winter. in groups, huddled together during periods of dormancy, and so consenve body heat, North American raccoons, for example, spend dormant periods in communal dens. Many specles of bats hibernate communally.

During hibernation, the body temperature of some bats can fall below 0C. In the autumn, they build up fat reserves that represent as much as a third of their total mass. For some mammals, hibernation is closely associated with olther important activities notably reproduction and dispersal. Consequently, energy reserves may have to support more than one activity For example, brown bears living at northern latitudes mate in the autumn and give bith to their cubs during winter lethargy. Edible domice and some bats mate immedlately after the end of hlberation. (In some species of bats, males wake up frst and mate with the females before they have woken up!).

Dispersal is the permanent departure of an individual from its place of birth, usually at the end of the breeding season. It is an important part of the life history of many animals, especally mammals, and tends to be sexually dimorphic, males dispersing further than females. Dispersal therefore requires intemal energy reserves in the form of fat, the very same reserves that they later need to survive the winter. There may thus be a trade-off in the lllallon of energy reserves to dlispersal and to hibernation.


13. A risk of animals' hibemation during the winter G

14. The periodical actvities during the period of hibemation E

15. An example of an animal species prepare for hibernation F

16. A contast of hibermation and lethargy C

17. A reference to the place of hibernation in animals' life cycle H


18. go through hibemation together to keep warm D

19. come out of hiberation on specific dates A

20. change its eating habits before hibermation C

21. reproduce during hibermation B

A. The arctic ground squrel

B. The brown bear

C. The edible dormouse

D. North American raccoon


22. During hibernation, animals' body temperature is 1°C higher than the extema!


23. Large animals do not hibernate because they usually use a great amount of energy to

warm up.

24. For Belding's ground squirrels, the majority of adult animals die during hibermation.

25. Reproduction and dispersal are highly related to hibernation.

Passage 3


Collapse: How Societies choose to Fail or Succeed by Jared




29. What does the writer mention about climate change?

C. eite a series of climate phenomenon

30. What is the meaning of”masquerade as“in fourth paragraph?

A have common traits

31. Why does the writer mention Westerm Roman Empire?

B. There are other reasons rather than miltary defeat contributed to the collapse of

Western Roman Empire


The Collapse of Westem Roman Empire

Historically, barbarians attacked Rome perlodically, but Rome succsesfully held off them, but why eventually bartbarians destroy Roman Empire, was it because the barbarian increased the 32.number or because they gained more 33.resource arbarians are not the 34.fundamental cause of Rome's fll, instead, Rome became 35 weakened _by some combination of economic, political, environment reasons. Rome's fall should be blamed on its own problems.


36. There are trade links between neighboring countries. Yes

37. Some countries are reliant more on imports than other countries. NOT GIVEN

38. Different Societies respond in the same way to similar problems. No

39. Highland New Guinea successful solves problems of deforestation. Yes

40. Our society has developed new approach to solve its own problems. NOT GIVEN










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