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  剑桥雅思6Test4阅读原文+参考译文PASSAGE 1:

  Doctoring sales

  Pharmaceuticals is one of the most profitable industries in North America. But do the drugs industry’s sales and marketing strategies go too far



  A A few months ago Kim Schaefer, sales representative of a major global pharmaceutical company, walked into a medical center in New York to bring information and free samples of her company’s latest products. That day she was lucky — a doctor was available to see her. ‘The last rep offered me a trip to Florida. What do you have’ the physician asked. He was only half joking.

  A 几个月前,Kim Schaefer,一家全球主要制药公司的销售代表,带着公司新药的资料和免费试用品走进了纽约的一家医疗中心。那天,她非常幸运地见到了一位医生。“上一位销售代表给我提供了一趟到佛罗里达的旅行,你能提供什么呢 ”医生这样半开玩笑地问道。

  B What was on offer that day was a pair of tickets for a New York musical. But on any given day, what Schaefer can offer is typical for today’s drugs rep — a car trunk full of promotional gifts and gadgets, a budget that could buy lunches and dinners for a small country, hundreds of free drug samples and the freedom to give a physician $200 to prescribe her new product to the next six patients who fit the drug’s profile. And she also has a few $1,000 honoraria to offer in exchange for doctors’ attendance at her company’s next educational lecture.

  B 那天给医生提供的是纽约一场音乐喜剧的双人套票。但是通常,Schaeffer所能提供的只是当今的医药代表一般能够提供的东西— 一车厢用于促销的礼物和小玩意,能支付一个小地区买午餐和晚餐的预算,数百个药物免费试用品,并可以支付给医生200美元,用以给其接下来的六个适宜使用她带来的新药品的患者开药。同时,她还可以给医生1000美元的谢礼作为医生参加公司下次教育讲座的费用。

  C Selling pharmaceuticals is a daily exercise in ethical judgement. Salespeople like Schaefer walk the line between the common practice of buying a prospect’s time with a free meal, and bribing doctors to prescribe their drugs. They work in an industry highly criticized for its sales and marketing practices, but find themselves in the middle of the age-old chicken-or-egg question — businesses won’t use strategies that don’t work, so are doctors to blame for the escalating extravagance of pharmaceutical marketing Or is it the industry’s responsibility to decide the boundaries

  C 做医药销售工作其实每天是在做伦理评判。像Schaefer这样的销售人员通常游走于两条路请可能购买药品的人吃一顿饭,向医生行贿以使其为病人开自己公司的药品。他们从事因销售和营销方式备受批评的行业,却发现自己陷于一个蛋生鸡、鸡生蛋的老问题中——商业不会采取没有效用的策略,那么医生是否应该为药品销售的过度铺张受到谴责呢抑或是划定界限的责任应该由制药行业承担

  D The explosion in the sheer number of salespeople in the field — and the amount of funding used to promote their causes — forces close examination of the pressures, influences and relationships between drug reps and doctors. Salespeople provide much-needed information and education to physicians. In many cases the glossy brochures, article reprints and prescriptions they deliver are primary sources of drug education for healthcare givers. With the huge investment the industry has placed in face-to-face selling, salespeople have essentially become specialists in one drug or group of drugs — a tremendous advantage in getting the attention of busy doctors in need of quick information.

  D 这个行业中行销人员数目的增长以及推销该产品所用资金的增加,都使得有必要进一步审视医药销售人员和医生之间存在的压力关系、相互影响和相互作用。销售人员向医生提供急需的信息和教育。很多情况下,光鲜的小册子、打印的文章和处方是销售人员向医疗护理人员提供的主要资源。通过巨大的投资,这个行业建立了面对面的销售方式,销售人员本质上已经成为某一种药品或者某些药品的专家,这样他们就有很大的优势来获取那些工作忙碌并需要快速了解信息的医生的关注。

  E But the sales push rarely stops in the office. The flashy brochures and pamphlets left by the sales reps are often followed up with meals at expensive restaurants, meetings in warm and sunny places, and an inundation of promotional gadgets. Rarely do patients watch a doctor write with a pen that isn’t emblazoned with a drug’s name, or see a nurse use a tablet not bearing a pharmaceutical company’s logo. Millions of dollars are spent by pharmaceutical companies on promotional products like coffee mugs, shirts, umbrellas, and golf balls. Money well spent It’s hard to tell. ‘ I’ve been the recipient of golf balls from one company and I use them, but it doesn’t make me prescribe their medicine,’ says one doctor. ‘I tend to think I’m not influenced by what they give me.’

  E 但是这些促销很少仅仅止于办公室。通常紧随被销售代表留在办公室的制作精美的小册子之后的,是昂贵餐厅里的宴会、在温暖而又充满阳光的地方举行的会议,以及洪水般涌来的促销小礼品。病人总能看到医生使用标有药品名称的笔、护士使用印有公司标识的小药片。制药公司在诸如咖啡杯、T恤、雨伞和高尔夫球之类的促销品上花费了数百万美元。这些钱花得有意义吗这一点很难说。“我一直接受一家公司的高尔夫球,我也使用这些球,但是这并不意味着我会在处方中开这家公司的药品,”一名医生这样说,“我更倾向于认为自己并没有受到他们给我提供的物品的影响。”

  F Free samples of new and expensive drugs might be the single most effective way of getting doctors and patients to become loyal to a product. Salespeople hand out hundreds of dollars’ worth of samples each week — $7.2 billion worth of them in one year. Though few comprehensive studies have been conducted, one by the University of Washington investigated how drug sample availability affected what physicians prescribe. A total of 131 doctors self-reported their prescribing patterns — the conclusion was that the availability of samples led them to dispense and prescribe drugs that differed from their preferred drug choice.

  F 那些昂贵的新药的免费试用品或许是使医生和病人坚持选择某一药品的最有效的方式。销售人员每周都会分发数百美元的试用品——年分发的试用品价值达到72亿美元。虽然在这方面很少有综合研究,但是华盛顿大学的一项研究调查了药品试用品的可获取性是如何影响医生开处方的。总计131名医生记录了他们自己开处方的方式,其结论是试用品的可获得性使他们作出分发和开出不同于他们首选的药品的选择。

  G The bottom line is that pharmaceutical companies as a whole invest more in marketing than they do in research and development. And patients are the ones who pay — in the form of sky-rocketing prescription prices — for every pen that’s handed out, every free theatre ticket, and every steak dinner eaten. In the end the fact remains that pharmaceutical companies have every right to make a profit and will continue to find new ways to increase sales. But as the medical world continues to grapple with what’s acceptable and what’s not, it is dear that companies must continue to be heavily scrutinized for their sales and marketing strategies.

  G 结果就是,制药公司就整体而言,在市场上的投人远远大于在研发上的投人。最终在飞涨的处方价格中,病人会为分发的每一支笔、每一张免费戏票、每一顿牛排晚餐买单。最终,事实就是制药公司总能从中获利,并不断发现促进销售的新方法。但是随着医学界不断争论什么可接受、什么不可接受的底线问题,有一点是很清楚的,那就是制药公司的销售和市场策略必须继续受到严格的监控。



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