雅思口语模板:Describe a story someone told you that you remember well

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摘要:雅思口语Part 2话题卡:Describe a story someone told you that you remember well。2013年和2015年分别都考过类似的话题,今年我们就整理了两篇该话题,同学们一起来学习一下吧!

雅思口语Part 2话题卡:Describe a story someone told you that you remember well。2013年和2015年分别都考过类似的话题,今年我们就整理了两篇该话题,同学们一起来学习一下吧!

Describe a story someone told you that you remember wellYou should say:

Who told you the story

When you heard the story

What the story was about

Explain why you found it memorable



The story I am going to talk about is the Hare and the Tortoise. I know it is a very simple story and you have probably heard about it. But it is the first story that came to my mind when I saw this task card.


Until I was 5 years old, I was raised by my grandma. Though she did not attend a college, she knew a great number of fables. The most impressive one of all the stories she had told is the hare and the tortoise.


As its name suggests, this story is about a race between the hare and the tortoise. Most people believed that the hare would definitely be the winner and the tortoise must have lost its mind to agree to the race. So did the hare. If I was bound to win, why do not I take a rest? It would not affect the result. So the hare took a rest and when it woke up, the tortoise had reached the finish line and won the race.


I found the story memorable because despite its simplicity, it is very thoughtful. It told me that if you are a talented man like the hare, do not relax on the journey of life, or you will lose your edge. If you are a normal person or not that sharp like the tortoise, please do not give up, because you still have a chance to win the game.



Describe a story that you were told when you were a child.

You should say:

• Who told you the story?

• What was story about?

• What made you remember the story?

And explain what can you learn from the story?

【Model Answer】

I remember my father used to always read me fictional stories about extra-terrestrial species and alien life in outer space! Yes aliens! Of course back then, I would think of it all as “real” and I truly enjoyed everything about his stories you know.

Basically his story was about a colony of alien species who look like humans on planet Mars. He used to tell me all about how they live up there and the technological advances that they have mastered, things that humans won‘t probably even have in 100 years! He told me about how peaceful and intelligent they are and I used to always automatically assume that they are going to come after us and destroy our planet and invade our cities and kill us all! Silly me indeed!

Anyway, I remember I would fall asleep shortly after listening to his stories, shortly after staring at the night sky in the hope that I would see actual aliens and spacecraft’s in the sky. The reason why I remember it so well is because my current bedroom is covered fully in glass, white glass windows facing the sky and every time I look at it, it reminds of the nights that my father used to tell me all about aliens! In fact, I miss his stories a lot but I am a grown up person now and obviously he won’t read me anything anymore, but we still talk about science and the possibility of encountering with alien species.

I believe his stories can actually help me and motivate me to learn a lot about outer space and the Universe that we live in. My major is science so I have always been interested in space, physics and astronomy. His stories always remind me of the fact that unlike common belief, intelligent life could actually exist out there and we should keep an open mind about it. Unfortunately, my friends don’t take the whole idea seriously, but I always ask myself, what if we could detect life out there? What if they visit us? Thanks to my father’s story, I have a much wider view and a deeper knowledge of space and I am hopeful to see some aliens in the future







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