2016年3月份雅思口语part1范文:Letters & E-mails

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  口语测试是雅思考试中的一大重要部分。为了方便同学们的复习, 上海雅思培训班 的老师为大家准备了有关雅思口语优秀范文大全的内容,希望为大家的雅思复习提供帮助!


  1.Do you write many letters or emails?

  Yes, I usually write e-mails. It is really convenient to use. Especially,when you need to write a long content to specify some things. Besides,Unlike letters,it can be sent and received quickly.


  2.How often do you write an e-mail or a letter?

  Actually ,it is uncommon for me to write letters.But I would also write some postcards to my friends when I travel to some tourist attractions.


  3.What do you usually write about?

  I would say yes coz I am the monitor of my class so,at work,I need to write various kinds of emails to convey the pubic affairs of our college.And,sometimes,I will write emails to some companies to look for a part-time job.


  4.What kinds of letter/email do you think is the hardest to write?

  Break up letter is the hardest to write. Face to face hurts but writing a break up letter is hard to get started also it is hard to end. Also, feeling is hard to express in logic. Moreover, waiting for a reply is miserable.


  5.What kinds of e-mail(or letter) you received that make you feel happy?

  I will be ecstatic when I receive a handwritten letter. Most people don't receive personal letters anymore due to technology, so I am sure the letter will lighten my day up.


  6.Do you prefer to write letters by hand or to use a computer?

  Well,it depends. If I was writing a letter for my sweetheart it would be hand written. I feel there is something more personal about it. I would send it and maybe put heart-shaped paper works. And I feel the time you wait for a response is very special, like sweet pain. But otherwise I use email. It's just faster. If you are far from home then you wouldn't want to wait for 2 weeks for a letter. If it hadn't been for the long wait I would write letters. Waiting for people other than sweethearts is not fun.


  7.Which do you more often write, emails or letters?

  I send emails everyday but I only use a pen and paper to write letters to my grandparents who don't have a computer. Other than that, I e-mail everyone.


  8.What are the differences between emails or letters?

  It is just more personal and intimate for a handwritten letter but it takes more time to deliver and waiting for a letter is miserable. Emails are fast and effective, not sentimental but normal, so they are suitable for work.


  9.Who do you usually write to?

  I often write to catch up with my friends to talk about my life, in particular some interesting news. As well as that, I write to my teachers to talk about some problems of my study.


  10.Is it hard to think of what to write?

  Yes. I have no problem with having ideas and contents for writing but I am a terrible organizer. It is hard for me to write it in logic and clear. Also, it is hard to end a letter and email.


  11.Do you think people will still write letters in the future?

  No. Most people won't write letters due to technology. Emails are effective and convenient. Snail mails take a lot of time and no one likes to waiting. It seems sending email is more suitable in modern society.


  以上,就是 上海雅思培训机构 的老师为你带来2016年3月份雅思口语part1范文 !另外,我们还提供相关的阅读,欢迎大家参考:2016年2月份雅思口语part1范文:Study efficiency










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