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  Students study in a variety of ways. Explain how your study habits are different from those of other students you know.

  话题:Approach 方法


  高分词汇:distinct, embrace, concern, bear, idiom, superiority, authentic, outmoded, pejorative

  范文:I am proud of my distinct way of learning English. Most of my classmates tend to embrace all kinds of textbooks concerning spoken English in hope of bearing in mind some idioms. But I am not willing to follow their example. The superiority of my approach lies in the direct communication with foreigners who will tell me which way of expression is more authentic and which becomes outmoded or pejorative.

  Task 2

  Some people like to shop in large grocery stores and department stores. Other people prefer to shop in small specialty stores. Which do you prefer? Explain why.

  话题:Lifestyle 生活方式


  高分词汇:department, specialty, purchase, mall, ideal, entertainment, café

  范文:I favor department stores more than those small specialty stores. One reason is that all what I want can be purchased from large shopping malls, so it is an ideal place for me to buy dresses, tops, shorts, bags and shoes at the same time. Another reason is that other entertainment facilities can also be offered by shopping centers. When bored and tired, my parents or friends can go to café or restaurant and treat ourselves with a movie afterwards.

  Task 3

  话题:Infrastructure Projects基础建设

  高分词汇:construct, appreciate, capital, alumni, proposal, downtown, charge, bounteous, responsibility, project


  范文: It is suggested by the student that the university should construct an art museum on campus for students to appreciate high-quality fine works, the capital of which alumni can be invited to make a contribution to. The man in the conversation does not agree with the proposal. First of all, it takes only half an hour to go by bus from campus to the downtown art museum where pictures from masters such as Rembrandt will be exhibited. For students, it is free on Mondays and charges as little as two bucks on other days. Secondly, although alumni are bounteous, they have already shoulder the responsibility of a new student center and a new library, the two costly projects.

  Task 4

  话题:Biology 生物学

  高分词汇:approach, maximize, nutrition, minimize, forage, illustrate, dive, shallow, yield, crack


  范文: The reading passage introduces a term called “Optimal Foraging”, which means the energy-efficient approach to gaining food by maximizing food nutrition and minimizing foraging energies. The lecturer further illustrates this term by using the example of a species of crow. Firstly, this bird will dive down into shallow water and choose the biggest shellfish rather than grab the first shellfish it sees so that its efforts will yield greatest harvest. Second, the crow drops the shellfish from about five meters in the air to crack open the shell by the rock below. The height won’t be too little to break the shell at one time and won’t be too much to waste the flying energy.

  Task 5

  话题: Assignment Deadline Extension作业完成

  高分词汇:reunion, require, qualify, organize, shortcoming, overcome, dash, ruin


  范文: The man is going to enjoy his summer vacation and have a family reunion this weekend. The problem is that he is required by the professor to rewrite the lab report for biology class before having a final grade.

  To solve the problem, the man can rewrite the report either on weekends or during the summer holiday. I prefer the second solution. I believe a qualified report requires more than a weekend to prepare, organize and complete. The shortcoming of lack of material at home can be overcome by borrowing books ahead of time in library. On the other hand, dashing off the report will lose the opportunity of family reunion and ruin the chance of a better score.

  Task 6

  话题: Business 商业

  高分词汇:negative, drawback, resource, bunch, renovation, irrelevant, apartment, concern, block, distract


  范文: The lecture talks about two negative impacts of advertising on the environment. The first drawback refers to the waste of natural resources. For example, I received a whole bunch of booklets promoting various ways of kitchen renovation service. But this was irrelevant to me and a total waste of trees because the apartment I lived was rented and many people would throw the advertising mails into dustbin just as I did. The second shortcoming concerns the natural beauty of the environment. Huge billboards advertising restaurants and products along the side of the road will block the view of the landscape or distract people from the natural beauty.





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