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  as a matter of fact 其实,事实

  as a result结果,因此

  as a rule通常

  at a time 每次,一次

  at all events 无论如何

  at any rate无论如何,至少

  at first sight 乍一看,初看起来

  at first起初 at hand 在手边,在附近

  at heart 在内心;实质上

  at home 在家,在国内

  at last终于

  at least至少

  at length最后,详细地

  at no time 从不,决不

  at once立刻

  at one time 同时,曾经,从前曾

  at present 目前,现在

  at the moment 现在,此刻

  by accidence/chance偶然

  by all means 无论如何,必定

  by hand 用手

  by heart 牢记,凭记忆

  by means of 借助于,用

  by mistake 错误地

  by no means 决不

  by oneself 独自地

  by reason of 由于

  by the way顺便说

  for (the) purpose of 为了

  for a moment 片刻,一会儿

  for a while一会儿

  for example例如

  for instance 例如,举例说

  for one thing 首先,一则

  for oneself为了自己

  for the moment 现在,暂时

  for the present目前,暂时

  in (the) future 今后,将来

  in a hurry 匆忙地,立即

  in a moment 立刻,马上

  in a sense从某种意义上说

  in addition 另外

  in any event无论如何

  in case 假如,以防(万一) 免得

  in common共同,共有

  in conclusion总之

  in danger 在危险中

  in debt欠债

  in detail详细地

  in effect有效;实际上

  in fact 其实,实际上

  in general 通常,大体上

  in half 成两半

  in hand 在掌握中,在控制中

  in line成一直线,排成一行

  in nature 本质上

  in order 秩序井然,整齐

  in particular 特别地,尤其,详细地

  in person亲自

  in place在适当的位置

  in practice在实际中,实际上

  in public公开地,当众

  in return作为报答,作为回报

  in secret 秘密地,私下地

  in shape处于良好状态

  in sight被看到,在望

  in spite of 不管,不顾

  in step同步,合拍

  in sum总而言之

  in tears流着泪,含泪,哭

  in the distance在远处

  in the first place起初,首先

  in the last place最后

  in the least 一点,丝毫

  in the long run 最终,从长远观点看

  in the past 在过去,以往

  in time 及时

  of course 当然

  off duty 下班

  on (the) one hand. . . 一方面……

  on average平均,一般说来

  on business 因公,因事

  on duty 值班,上班

  on earth 究竟,到底

  on fire烧着

  on foot 步行

  on hand 在手边,临近

  on one’s own 独自地,独立地

  on one’s way在去某地的路上

  on purpose故意,有意

  on the other hand. . . 另一方面……

  on the second thoughts 经重新考虑,一转on the spot 当场,在现场

  on the telephone用电话

  on time准时

  out of breath 喘不过气来

  out of control失去控制

  out of danger脱离危险

  out of date 过期(时) 的

  out of order发生故障,失调

  out of place不得其所的,不适当的

  out of practice久不练习

  out of sight看不见,在视野之外

  out of step步调不一致,不协调

  to the point切中要害,切题

  under control被控制中

  up to date 时新的

  as a result of由于……的结果

  in honor of以纪念,向……表示敬意

  in favo(u) r of 有利于,赞成,支持

  in front of 在……面前

  in line with与……一致,按照

  in place of 代替

  in memory of纪念

  in the light of按照,根据

  in/with relation to 关系到

  with respect to关于

  with the exception of 除……之外

  with the purpose of为了

  be absent for缺席

  be active in在某方面活跃

  be afraid of害怕

  be angry at sth. 因某事生气

  be angry with sb. 对某人生气

  be anxious/eager for渴望

  be bad for对……有害

  be busy with sth. 忙于某事

  be capable of 能

  be content with满足于

  be delighted with因……感到高兴

  be different from与……不同

  be familiar with sth. 对……熟悉

  be famous for因……著名

  be far from离……远

  be filled with装满

  be fit for适合

  be fond of喜爱

  be full of充满

  be good at擅长于

  be good for对……有益

  be interested in对……感兴趣

  be kind/good to sb. 对某人友好

  be pleased at/about因……感到高兴

  be pleased/satisfied with对……感到满意

  be popular with sb. 受某人欢迎

  be proud of为……感到自豪

  be short of缺少

  be strict with sb. 对某人要求严格

  be successful in在某方面成功

  be sure/certain of对……有把握

  be tired of厌卷

  be useful to对某人有益

  be weak in在某方面差

  be worried about当心

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