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  espouse V. /接受,支持/adopt; support. She was always ready to espouse a worthy cause.

  esteem V. /尊重;估价/respect; value. Jill esteemed Jack's taste in music, but she deplored his taste in clothes.

  estranged ADJ. /分离的;孤立的/separated; alienated. The estranged wife sought a divorce. estrangement, N.

  ethereal ADJ. /轻的,空气的;像天堂的/light; heavenly; unusually refined. In Shakespeare's The Tempest, the spirit Ariel is an ethereal creature, too airy and unearthly for our mortal world.

  ethnic ADJ. /种族的/relating to races. Intolerance between ethnic groups is deplorable and usually is based on lack of information.

  ethos N. /社会精神特质,思潮,风气;气质/underlying character of a culture, group, etc. Seeing how tenderly ordinary Spaniards treated her small daughter made author Barbara Kingsolver aware of how greatly children were valued in the Spanish ethos.

  etymology N. /语源学/study of word parts. A knowledge of etymology can help you on many English tests: if you know what the roots and prefixes mean, you can determine the meanings of unfamiliar words.

  eulogy N. /颂词;赞美词/expression of praise, often on the occasion of someone's death. Instead of delivering a spoken eulogy at Genny's memorial service, Jeff sang a song he had written in her honor.

  euphemism N. /委婉的表达/mild expression in place of an unpleasant one. The expression "he passed away" is a euphemism for "he died."

  euphonious ADJ. /悦耳的/pleasing in sound. Euphonious even when spoken, the Italian language is particularly pleasing to the ear when sung. euphony. N.

  euphoria N. /非常愉快;病态的愉快,愉悦症/feeling of great happiness and well-being (sometimes exaggerated). Delighted with her SAT scores, sure that the university would accept her, Allison was filled with euphoria. euphoric,ADJ.


  evanescent ADJ. /消散的;凋零的/fleeting; vanishing. Brandon's satisfaction in his new job was evanescent, for he immediately began to notice its many drawbacks. evanescence, N.

  evasive ADJ. /逃避的/not frank; eluding. Your evasive answers convinced the judge that you were withholding important evidence. evade,V.

  evenhanded ADJ. /公平的/impartial; fair. Do men and women receive evenhanded treatment from their teachers, or, as recent studies suggest, do teachers pay more attention to male students than to females?

  evince V. /表示/show clearly. When he tried to answer the questions, he evinced his ignorance of the subject matter.

  evocative ADJ. /唤起的/tending to call up (emotions, memories). Scent can be remarkably evocative: the aroma of pipe tobacco evokes the memory of my father; a whiff of talcum powder calls up images of my daughter as a child.

  ewe N. /母羊/female sheep. The flock of sheep was made up of dozens of ewes, together with only a handful of rams.

  exacerbate V. /恶化,加剧/worsen; embitter. The latest bombing exacerbated England's already existing bitterness against the IRA, causing the prime minister to break off the peace talks abruptly.

  exacting ADJ. /苛刻的/extremely demanding. Cleaning the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was an exacting task, one that demanded extremely meticulous care on the part of the restorers. exaction, N.

  exalt V. /晋升;赞扬/raise in rank or dignity; praise. The actor Alec Guinness was exalted to the rank of knighthood by the queen.

  exasperate V. /激怒/vex. Johnny often exasperates his mother with his pranks.

  exceptionable ADJ. /不可的,可反对的/objectionable. Do you find the punk rock band Green Day a highly exceptionable, thoroughly distasteful group, or do you think they are exceptionally talented performers?

  excerpt N. /摘抄,摘录/selected passage (written or musical). The cinematic equivalent of an excerpt from a novel is a clip from a film. alsoV.

  excise V. /去除/cut away; cut out. When you excise the dead and dying limbs of a tree, you not only improve its appearance but also enhance its chances of bearing fruit. excision. N.

  exclaim V. /呼喊,大叫/cry out suddenly. "Watson! Behind you!" Holmes exclaimed, seeing the assassin hurl himself on his friend.

  excoriate V. /责难,挖苦,批判;揭露/scold with biting harshness; strip the skin off. Seeing the holes in Bill's new pants, his mother furiously excoriated him for ruining his good clothes. The tight, starched collar chafed and excoriated his neck, rubbing it raw.

  exculpate V. /开脱,洗脱/clear from blame. He was exculpated of the crime when the real criminal confessed.

  execrable ADJ. /非常糟糕的/very bad. The anecdote was in such execrable taste that it revolted the audience.


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