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  雅思口语真 的是mission impossible吗?雅思考官认为:雅思口语就是尽量少犯错误滴、发音清楚滴、不要冷场和跑题滴回答问题(Keep talking with correct English),要做到这些很难吗?以下是考官给出的低分考生十大症结和Simon给出的应对方式和考场实战应用,让我们一起来探究,中国考生的雅思口 语究竟肿么了。


  症结1:不会keep taking

  考官评价:too many pauses(停顿) and hesitation(犹豫)


  考场实战:考官问:Do you enjoy playing sports?

  回答:yes, I love playing a variety of sports, including soccer, swimming, jogging and I enjoy basketball in particular (What), as long as I am off from my class (When), I’d like to play it with my classmates(who) on the basketball court (where), and it is helpful for my health (Why)



  考官评价:lack examples and supports(缺乏例子和支持)


  考场实战:考官问:Do you prefer sending text messages or making a phone call?

  回答:先想生活中遇到的实际情况:sending text messages – when you attend classes or meetings(上课或开会)/making a phone call – when Iencounter emergent situations(紧急状况)

  Well, it depends, when I am in the middle of classes of meetings, I will send text messages, since it is more polite for teachers; while when I make a call, I just want to reach out another one in the shortest time, for example, when I get lost, the quickest way is to make a call for direction.


  症结3: 回答太抽象,太笼统

  考官评价:too abstract; too general; no specifics;

  应对方式:找到问题的core value(核心价值),避免考官追问why

  考场实战:why do you love using subway?

  回答:可以用convenient,但是一定要解释how convenient is it

  Subway is very convenient, since it is faster(快) than taking a bus; less pricy(便宜) than taking the taxi; no congestion(不堵) during peak hour; handy station location (站点多);more frequent (更高频);well-developed network (换乘方便)……



  考官评价:the answer is short and limited(有限的)

  应对方式:抓住自己最熟悉的领域深挖掘,使其具备多样属性 (expand your specialty)


  我们假设你特别喜欢apple products (iphone/imac/ipod/apple TV/mackbook/ipad),我最想买的是最新上市的ipodnano 7, 因为我很欣赏Steve Jobs, 平时最喜欢逛apple store,没事去www.apple.com.cn逛逛(online订购ipodnano 7才可以免费激光雕刻),出国后,我可以用apple的App叫做facetime和家人打免费的视频电话…


  Describe something you want to buy有钱想买的东西

  Describe your favorite website喜欢的网站

  Describe something unsatisfactory you bought买过的不满意的东西(nano 7竟然不带充电器!还掉漆!)

  Describe a famous person名人

  Describe your favorite way of communication喜欢的沟通方式

  Describe an electronic device besides computer 除了电脑的电子产品

  Describe something you felt happy about你感到高兴的事

  Describe something you enjoy to do for relaxation 你喜欢的放松方式…



  考官评价:vocabulary is to limited(有限) and inappropriate(不合适)

  应对方式:是时候替换beautiful, delicious, nice, comfortable, convenient, expensive的时候了

  Brainy 聪明的;Cheesy 劣质的;Comfy 舒适的;Flashy 俗气的;Handy 便携的;Homey 如家舒适的;Leafy 郁郁葱葱的;Moody 喜怒无常的;Pricy 昂贵的;Pushy 有进取心的;Silly 傻的;Speedy 速度的;Tasty/yummy 好吃的;Tricky 困难的



  考官评价:lack logics(逻辑) and time-management skills(时间管理)


  part one:10-12道左右的问题,时间4-5分钟,每个问题大概30秒左右,5句话上下

  part two:四个小问题,时间1-2分钟,前三问记叙的问题时间控制在50秒左右,最后一问的议论文体回答1分钟

  part three:6-7道延伸的问题,时间4-5分钟,每个问题将近一分钟

  原则:first thing first, 一定要先答出最重要的核心价值,如果还有时间,举一个自己的例子,比如说我的梦想是(my dream is…);我的爱好是(hobbies and interests);我的专业是(my major is…)我要出国了,所以(since I am going to study at overseas…)



  考官评价:didn't answer questions properly (没有正面回答问题)

  应对方式:对于考官的任何一个范围很大的问题(what kinds of person are famous in China?),首先给出定义,然后举例子,并且给出各自的解释

  考场实战:what kinds of person are famous in China?什么人在中国是名人?

  回答: well, according to the definition, celebrities are those who frequently show up in the Mass media, such as TV program, newspapers, magazines, movies and advertisement (这是讲给自己听的,稳住阵脚)

  So, people like politician, entrepreneurs, sports star or movie star are famous in the public

  实战2:why do Chinese like buying luxury goods?中国人为什么喜欢买奢侈品?

  给出定义: well, basically, luxury goods are those more expensive things beyond people’s daily necessities, such as handbags, European cars, big house, jewelries and so on.

  So people who buy handbags think that…..分别给出解释



  考官评价:too many basic grammatical errors 太多基本语法错误;Lack of self-correction 缺乏自我纠错

  应对方式:平时注重视觉训练,在纸上写下-ed,was,were,did 提示自己讲述一个发生在过去的事情

  练习:Describe a traveling experience you made in your childhood

  Describe something difficult you did well in the past




  考官评价:Complex structure is rare 缺少复杂结构;


  考场实战:How often do you play basketball? 多久打一次篮球?

  以前:well, I used to be addicted on playing basketball in my high school, since I had plenty of time on extracurricular activities;

  现在:yet now, I need to prepare my IELTS exam, so Ihaven’t played it for a long time

  以后: hopefully in the future, as long as I could pass IELTS, I’d like to spoil myself (放纵自己) on the basketball court.

  What do you normally do on weekends? 周末都做什么?

  Well, it depends

  室内:mostly, I enjoy being a homebody at home, spending some time on TV program or video games

  室外:occasionally, if I am stuck at home(待久了) for too long, I would like to hang out with my friends, you know, playing sports, seeing a movie or going window-shopping

  What is the most popular sport in your country? 中国最流行的运动

  Well, it depends on different age groups

  年轻人:as for youngsters, I believe that ball games are pretty popular, including basketball, soccer, badminton and things like that, since they tend to be more dynamic

  老年人:yet for the elderly, I guess relaxing sports are more welcomed by them, things like playing Taiji, walking or going fishing is the common activity for them.



  所谓的知己知彼:Knowing yourself as well as your enemy, 就是要从考官的角度出发,理解考官的心情。考官试图从考生的答案中寻找到:回答问题(understand and answer the question);举出生活应用(apply your life experience to question); 逻辑上自圆其说(your points make sense);英文基础扎实(correct English);清楚准确的发音(clearer and louder);合适的肢体语言和行为(appropriate body language)。






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